Jean store consists of full outfits made of jean. This is a fashion business.

Jean is highly appreciated and in the globe, it has been rated as one of the highest ever trending wears worldwide.

Virtually, both male and female, young and old are jean lovers. This fashion wear has been in existence for a very long time and till date it’s still catching the attention of millions.

Venturing into this business is very profitable and tips to guide you are;

Develop interest in jean wears generally and be a jean lover. You can successfully boom your business by having a Strong interest in what you do.

2. Jean supply
Have a particular supplier or suppliers that can supply you with discounts.

3. Fund
To set up your business you will need fund or capital to start. Jean are estimated to be expensive, calculate the cost of a store and supplies. Do not start your business on a loan.

4. Choose Jean type
There are different types of jean, denim jean, crazy jean and so on. Decide on which you will love to venture into.

5. Store
Get a store to set up as a point for sales. Choose a cheap and conducive store for sales and your customers.

6. Target market
Both young and old wear Jean, it an all gender and age wear. Choose your target for sales.

7. Price
Fix each sector with a price tag for customers easiness.

8. Business logo
Get a business name, logo, business cards and flyers.

9. Get your business online
Create a business website and take orders online.

10. Sectors
Create Jean sectors for each types of jean. Arrange your jean wears in sectors of age grade as well.

Starting a Jean store is very competitive and demanding if you want to be dynamic. Your uniqueness will be seen in the type of package yolu offer your customers after selling to them.

Written by: Anne dili

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