Painting is an awesome job, coupled with the fact that painting is an art work associated with the world of beauty and interior design.

Painting contractors are those that venture into the painting of peoples apartment, walls, building and so on.

Painting goes beyond just scrubbing the wall with a paint colour, it’s a business of creativity and adventure.

Painting business is a very lucrative one, as almost everyone loves an apartment with nice paint pattern and design.

Tips to successfully guide you are;

1.Acquire skill
Develop your painting skill or acquire the skill. Be very skilful in painting, not all painting contractors are highly skilful in painting.

2. Learn about colours
Have a sure knowledge on colours and how to combine colours. This is a very important aspect in this business.

3. Good communication skill
You need to develop a good communication skill, the way you dialogue with your customers will define your business as well.

4. Service type
Choose the type of service you’re rendering to your customers based on your acceptance. Such as, payment before service or half payment before service.

5. Location
Must painters make the mistake of ruling out getting a location for their business. Since it’s a hand business a location is necessary. It’s to have a place to locate you and advertise your service.

6. Partnership
Painting business doesn’t really need partnering with others but It will of help to partner with your suppliers on a plain and fair note.

7. Equipments
Purchase painting Equipments such as brushes, scrolls and so on.

8. Be Updated
Be updated on the dynamic ways of painting, painting is an art work and works related to art take dynamic turns.

9. Advertise your business
Create awareness of the kind of service your offer or the business you’re into. Use business cards, online adverts, ads and so on.

10. Create your own pattern
Be creative in painting, creating your own awesome painting patterns will boost your business.

Painting business can start from a little fund been gathered. But be conscious of the fact that this business is a very competitive one and you need to put your creativity to work and make your service dynamic in your way.

Written by: Anne dili

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