Bakery business in recent years has gone beyond attractiveness, it dwells more on healthy snacks.

This business cut across different speciality, cake, snacks, bread and so on.

To venture into this business, tips to guide you are;

1.Decide on your kind of bakery
To make your decision, consider your talents, skills and budget. Considering these will help you determine the kind of bakery service to render.

2. Business plan
Develop a solid business plan in a written format and work towards achieving your plan(s).

3. Funds
You need funds to start your business, for purchasing of equipments and ingredients.

4. Get a space
You need a space for shop. In your shop, have a space for your personal kitchen.

5. Employ help
Employing help will give you speed and also gives you the privilege of taking more orders.

6. Marketing
Marketing your product is very essential, you can do online marketing or a one on one marketing.

7. Nutrient before profit
As much as you want to make profit, always remember that the health of your customers are important, so your product nutrients must be balanced.

8. Diversify
Don’t serve your customers same design of snacks or same taste. Be dynamic in your baking.

9. Focus on your customers
Place more attention on your customers desire and taste. Equally avoid the use of allergic ingredients for baking.

10. Packaging
After successfully baking your orders, package them in attractive ways to please your clients and to advertise your business.

Bakery business is a profitable business, following the rule of serving your customers healthy diet will boost your profit. As you work towards the taste also aim towards it look.

Written by: Anne dili

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