Bee farming is an interesting agricultural business to venture into.

Bee farm is a major farm that is fixed with the production of bees and honey. It’s an agricultural business insight and aside the impressive profit in it, this farming is full of fun.

To venture into this farming, your desire, time and interest are strong keys to help you. It’s a lucrative business and will continue to be.

Tips to help you are;

Starting a bee farm or honey production starts from simplicity. To avoid difficulties as a new bee keeper, start on a simple note.

2. Early in the season
To start your bee farm, it is advisable to start your farming early in a new season, for you to be able to have honey production early as well.

3. Business focus
Starting a bee farm should be directed to your focus. You can start a bee farm for honey production or for bee production. Your business focus will trigger your production.

4. Equipments
To set up your bee farm you need to purchase or borrow necessary equipments.

5. Kits
Bees are dangerous when it comes to stinging. To prevent such accident, it’s important to purchase farming kits especially for new bee keepers.

6. Location
Starting your bee farm, you need a location to start. A place full of nature is a good option; trees, plants and so on.

7. Hive/colony
As a starter you’re not to make things hard on yourself, you can Start with just a hive or colony and expand later.

8. Supplier
As a bee keeper or farmer, you need to be connected to people who use your product for their own production at large and be a supplier to them.

9. Where to get bees?
You can purchase bees from fellow farmers to start easily.

10. Flowers
Have a garden in your farm full of flowers, bees equally feed on flowers.

Bee farming is a very lucrative business and only few are venturing into it, due to the hardwork and little risk involved. Honey is a very important need and over the globe honey is appreciated. Therefore, bee farming keeps appreciating year in year out.

Written by: Anne dili

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