Bookstore or bookshop is a store where you can purchase your book of interest.

Starting a bookstore requires you to have a forehand experience on how to start and retain business.

Venturing into this business is awesome, books are necessary items needed in the past, present and future centuries.

Books are vital to every community, to the young and old, because it contains wisdom.

Tips to venture into this business are;

To open a bookstore you need to have gained experience on how a bookstore operate.

2. Make decision
There are diverse kinds of books, you’re expected to decide on the type of books you want to venture in; romantic books, Academic books, sport books and so on.

3. Have a good communication skill
As a bookseller, you will be involved in communicating with people more, therefore, you need to develop a good communicating skill.

4. Book supply
Have a source of supply or sources, a place where you purchase books at cheaper rates.

5. Store
A store is needed to display books and for easy contact for customers.

6. Book sectors
If you will be venturing into different types and genres of books, create sectors for each genres of book.

7. Price tags
Have a price tag placed on each books you put out for sales.

8. Business identity
Your business identity involves your business name, logo and publicity. Advertise your business are you deem fit.

9. Target market
Before you start purchasing books, know your target market.

10. Be educated
To venture into this business, you need to at least be able to say something about each book in your store. And be able to educate customers when the need for that arise.

It’s advisable to start small and expand later. Employing an attendant or more should be done once you’ve seen the need. Book is an eye opener and a teacher of all, ensure to get good books always.

Written by: Anne dili

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