Building material mini store is where you can get various materials used for building or construction.

This business cut across the equipments used for building and the materials.

To venture into this businesses, capital is a question for you. To purchase quality materials, money is needed.

Tips to guide your venturing are;

You need the knowledge on the kind of equipments and materials used for building.

2. Choose your niche
There are different sectors of building material, for example; the raw material such as sand, granite and so on. Follow your niche.

3. Understand quality
Quality of materials is very important in building. A building that will last long is such that will be constructed with quality materials.

4. Business oriented
Be business oriented, don’t forget you’re an entrepreneur.

5. Store
Rent a store that isn’t so much expensive and is spacious enough to occupy your goods.

6. Segment
Have different segments for each of your building materials per association. It will easy customers accessibility.

7. Be persuasive
This is a secret in business, you need to be persuasive to attract customers.

8. Publicise
Publicising your business is crucial, using fliers is an option.

9. Market stock
Take time to study the market and to study your targets as a whole.

10. Attendant
At a large scale you’re advised to employ workers to aid you.

To venture into this business you need fund and taking alone will be a wrong way to start a business. This business is a low risk business.

Written by: Anne dili

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