Car wash business is a very lucrative business. This has been in existence for quite a very long period.

Car wash is where cars are being neatly washed and cleansed for a particular amount.

This business is very profitable and it’s a business for the hardworking type as it involves the use of man labour. Though machines are set in place, but to start small, man’s labour is needed.

Tips to guide you are;

1.Knowledge about cars
There are manual and automatic cars, you need to gain knowledge about cars.

2. Learn the skill
The act of washing cars seem simple but a bit complex. There are some ways of washing cars as a professional.

3. Uniqueness
Be good at what you do, anybody can wash a car but not everyone is unique with washing.

4. Equipments
You need minor equipments to start up, buckets, water source, water hose and so on.

5. Location
You need a location where people can locate you and that location will stand as a place of business and transaction.

6. Car park
You need a car pack which you can later expand as time goes on. Where your customers can pack their cars trustfully.

7. Car wash name
Develop a simple and memorable car wash name.

8. Online
Get your business online by having a website, opening business social media accounts.

9. Publicity
Publicise your business via bill boards, sign posts, hand bills and so on.

10. Employ workers
You will be needing more hands at your car wash, employ one to two people to work with you.

This business is also competitive, therefore venturing into this, you have to be dynamic with the kind of service you render and it’s advisable to spice up your business by adding one other service, for instance, an auto repair service.

Written by: Anne dili

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