Customizing business or a print on business is a technological business such that gives one the opportunity to write whatever he or she wishes on their clothes or item.

This business is more of labelling on items and on clothes, bags, books, shoes and so on.

This business is viral and yet still making grounds for years now. It’s a long term business as people keep finding interest in customizing things.

It’s an easy business but one needs commitment and a creative mind to be successful in the printing business which is sector in the fashion world.

Tips for a successful venture are;

Get the knowledge on how to start this business and how the business runs. Each business has it’s own secret book. Get the book and study it.

2. Skill
Customising is a part of graphics designing skill. Learn the skill successfully, it will reduce your expenses.

3. Business strategy
Develop a brilliant business strategy that is different from that of others. It will make you dynamic.

4. Prints
Understand the diverse kinds of prints and printable materials. Prints cut across; words, logo, sign, picture and so on. Items such as caps, plain tops, shoe, bags, pen etc.

5. Geographical location
Get a location spacious enough for your equipment and for a mini clothe shop where customers can easily purchase clothes to customize. Also your store should be spacious enough for you to display your work.

6. Advertise
Advertising your business is the fuel of your business. Do both online and offline adverts.

7. Target market
Decide on who your targets are by having a market scope.

8. Supplier
Be a supplier to clothe stores and those you can partner with.

9. Packaging
Customizing is very interesting but what makes your work unique is your end result which is packaging. Packaging is voice that tell more about how organized you are.

10. Attendants
One or two attendant is good for you as a starter. Go for people with the understanding of what you do.

A bonus tip is that you need equipments to start this business, go for necessary equipment such as laptop, slates and so on. As competitive as this business could be, starting small will still yield much profit.

Written by: Anne dili

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