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Daycare center business is very profitable and requires more hands for effective function.

Daycare centers stands as the second home for kids and apart from the profit benefit, this centres are to educate the kids strategically.

Therefore, tips to help you are;

1. Study the need for child care
This will help you understand the needs of children in the society and the basic type of service to provide.

2. Notice your competitors
Do not close your eyes on competitors around you, take a deep study about their centre to help you set a better one.

3. Choose your service
You need to choose between home base or center based child care business.

4. Make a budget plan
Draw a budget plan which involves your, licensing fee, inspection fee, insurance fee, medical fee, toys and food payment.

5. Select the kind of child business
This involves the kind of child care business you want in the aspect of faith (Christian or Muslim). This will help guide the kind of games you will get the kids.

6. Get a business name
Your business name must be attractive and this business name involves complete registration of business.

7. Select location
Having a center needs a location and this location involves a space for equipments/playground for kids.

8. Type of business
You’re at liberty to choose the type of business you want, a sole proprietor, partnership or corporation.

9. Obtain business license
To have a standard business, you need to obtain a business license.

10. Employ workers
This center can at large need more hands. Employ workers with experience of working with kids and educating them.

Aside the profit benefit attached to this business, you get to meet new people, understand more about parenting and especially, you have a more knowledge about kids.

Written by: Dilianne

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