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Driving school is a business one can venture in with a lot of profit but it demands the acquisition of some skills.
Yearly, people buy automobiles for easy movement, and everyone have an idea of how to drive in their minds they only need a trainer to physically help them, which is how profit is gotten.
Tips that will be of help are:

  1. Be a certified instructor
    To be a certified instructor, you must be trained for it. Knowing how to drive alone isn’t all about being an instructor but to be able to successfully train others.
  2. Register your business
    You need to register your business under CAC- Cooperate Affairs Commission and FRSC – Federal Road Safety Corps.
  3. Get a Location
    To start this business, you need a training ground. A location to train your students.
  4. Training Vehicle(s)
    As a driving instructor, you needs have your own vehicle to train students( without their own personal cars).
  5. Purchase driving materials
    Know the necessary driving materials, extra tyres, driving note, a learning sticker etc.

6. Advertise your business
Online advert, flyers, hand bills, radio advert and many more are ways to advertise your business.

7. Hours of Training
Create hours of training per day for your students to avoid undue stress for one instructor.

8. Employ more hands
It’s profitable to employ certified drivers to train your students, looking at the number of students you have.

9. Have a theory section
Before practicals are being done, create a theory class to aid their head Knowledge about driving.

10. Have an aftermath award
This are certificates you can give to your students who successfully learnt how to drive within the span of months or weeks laid down.

Driving school is a business you can venture in and make profit within a short period. It gives you the opportunity to meet with different people.

Written by: Dilianne

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