Dry cleaning business is an interesting business to venture into.

This business is rooted in interaction with customers, your interaction or communication skill is a good advantage here. Dry cleaning is about offering to do a laundry service for people and being paid.

Dry cleaning business is simple to venture in and it’s a no risk business.

Tips to guide your venturing are;

1.Gain experience
It’s advisable to work in a dry cleaning firm before venturing into it. This will give a practical example on starting yours.

2. Business plan
Your business plan will be about things you wish to achieve and how you want to achieve them.

3. Funding
You need a little fund to start this business. Funds to secure equipments and location.

4. Business name
Develop a memorable business name for your dry cleaning business.

5. Location
You need a location ; store or building to set up as your business location. Your space should be enough to occupy your equipments.

6. Hire staffs
This isn’t compulsory but needed if your business is growing widely or you can’t timely and successfully handle all contracts.

7. Delivery service
To add up to your profit, spice it with delivery service. It will make things easier for both you and your clients.

8. Equipments
Get the immediate and necessary equipment for your business. Equipment such as washing machine, pressing iron and so on.

9. Business cards
You need to let people know what you’re into, the kind of service you’re rendering.

10. Packaging
As wonderful as your dry cleaning service may be, packaging is a very crucial aspect of your business.

Dry cleaning business is an hardworking type, it involves human labour and machine for a standard operation. The cost of starting isn’t expensive. It is highly profitable and no risk attached.

Written by: Anne dili

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