Duck farming is a type of poultry business. It involves the breeding of ducks for a purpose which is generally to make profit in a commercial scope.

Venturing into this business is a wise decision. Duck farming is a very lucrative business and it’s a simple business to venture in.

Ducks are lovely poultry birds and are well appreciated for different reasons.

Below are successful tips to help you;

1.Business plan
Have an achievable business plan and a lay down time to achieve each plans.

2. Purposeful target
Have a particular purpose concerning venturing into this business. Ducks can produce both meat and egg, to venture into this business you need to focus on either of the two as a starter.

3. Place for ducks
You don’t need a grand place to start rearing your ducks. You can start by using your house arena. Ducks are not destructive nor harmful.

4. Choose breeds
There are diverse breeds of ducks, though they all look the same. Examples are, Abacot ranger, Bali duck, Ancona duck, Call duck, Khaki Campbell. Pekin ducks are the most recommended and are the great backyard breed. They are weighty so they can’t fly.

5. Get Young ducks
It is better to start with young ducks,they are easily reared than their adult counterpart. While selecting young ducks, check out for their visions, feather quality and health. Starting with healthy ducks is Paramount to avoid spread of disease.

6. Purchase few ducklings
Choosing to start afresh, it’s advisable to start with ducklings, it lay eggs more. In lieu, to have more eggs, it’s necessary that the ratio of females are higher than that of the males.

7. Garden
Having a garden is very good. Ducks are not poultry birds that need to be camped in a region. They need to have a free range. Some think ducks can be reared only in water, ducks can also be reared on land. The important thing is, water is required for them but not necessarily a river or stream. Ducks can be reared in a non-water logged area, but the eggs that will be produced will be unfertilized.

8. Mating procedure
The mating procedure is an important aspect in duck farming. The ratio of ducks has to be higher than that of drakes (male duck). A drake needs more than one duck for mating. 1:4 is a good balance. They need water for mating and reproduction.

9. Selling product
To market your product, you need to follow your niche for production, is it for duck meat or duck eggs?. Duck eggs are widely needed and loved, it’s appreciated as a medicinal egg for health consciousness. Your niche will lead you to sorting out customers.

10. Feeding
Duck business is a simple business, whether in large scale or small scale. Ducks do have specific feeds but there are alternatives, such as; dry food, kitchen waste, little insects, snails, rice bran and seafood which is best for them but can be given when available.

Duck farming isn’t a strenuous business to venture into. Starting this business as a beginner should be done in a small scale and later expanded.

Written by: Anne dili

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