Flower business is a business of creativity and diligence.

To start this business, you need to learn about flowers in general, flowers are fragile and pleasant. There are many lovers of flowers and the sales of flowers is brightly seasonal.

To be successful in this business you need a great depth of passion.

Tips to guide you successfully are;

  1. Acquire Skills

You need to acquire the skill of being a florist and have a deep knowledge about flowers. You also need a good hand and to be physically fit.

2. Have ideas of trading as a florist

You can have ideas of trading as a florist by apprenticing at a florist or by attending teaching or seminars on floral designs.

3. Punctuality

As a florist, you need to be punctual in your business. Florists tend to open around 4:30am. To get your flower bright and dazzling you need to cut them as early as you can. The beauty of this business is nature.

4. Plan ahead of events

Events which are celebrated yearly and generally are events such as; Valentine, mothers day, Christmas and so on. As a skilled and strategic florist, you need to plan ahead to give the best you can.

5. Hire hands

Flower business needs more hands at a larger space, at a small scale you can hire two to three professional hands.

6. Have your own flower garden

Having your own garden will not only give you more profit, it will give you more experience as florist.

7. Discuss your business structure

As a starter you can decide to be a sole proprietor or partner with other person(s). The structure of your business have a great effect on the success of your business.

8. Control temperature in your vicinity

A good temperature is needed for flowers because there are fragile and can’t survive in a hot temperature for long. Temperature too high or low can wilt your flowers.

9. Do market research

You need to know what flower lovers need by doing a market research on what to give your customers.

10. Have a store or a location

You need a selling point or location to display your flowers and it’s a bonus to have your garden next to your store.

Floral business is a seasonal business, to boost sales you need to take orders and do deliveries. Floral business is so profitable if you’re diligent and committed to your business.

Written by: Anne dili

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