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Juice store is a business that had been highly profitable since the mid ’90s.

The demand for tasty drinks and healthy beverages had been increasing tremendously.

Starting a juice store or bar, seems very easy to begin and fast to make money, to avoid miscarriage of plans, there are tips to guide you successfully into this business.

Tips are;

1.Learn about juice and health
Production of juice isn’t just to give something sugary or nice to drink. Juice are expected to aid one’s health. Know what is healthy for the body per drink.

2. Local healthy drinks
A way to start a business is not to go all modern in a local arena. Produce local drinks that are healthy.

3. Study a successful juice bar
It’s very easy to set up a juice bar, but to have a unique bar, you have to study a successfully juice bar to build yours.

4. Business plans
Draft your business plan in a simple format, consisting of your juice store name, logo, things to achieve and others.

5. Get a store
To start your bar, you need a definite location. A location that will be attractive to your customers.

6. Be dynamic
Don’t make your store stereotyped or full of just a particular type of flavour or product. Have a dynamic store with dynamic taste.

7. Production decision
You need to decide if you want to produce and market your juice by yourself or you want to purchase in stock other people product.

8. Get equipments
Purchase equipment necessary to set up a store such as; fashionable stools and tables, a juice machine and so on.

9. Publicity
Publicising your business is very simple yet technical. You need to have a wonder motto to catch the attention of customers.

10. Health before profit
It’s easy to just dilute one or more flavours together to form a taste, as the taste is important so is the healthiness of the taste for your customers matter more.

Starting a juice store is very interesting and highly profitable but for you to be successful in a business that is so competitive as this, you need to be creative with taste.

Written by: Dilianne

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