Repair business is a skillful business. It requires you repairing peoples damage phones, machines and so on.

This business is such that you need a very little capital to set up, the major thing you need is for you to be a very skillful repairer.

It is a very competitive business but your skill will make you dynamic. Repair cut across different sectors; cars, machines, phones etc. Choose that which you want to venture into.

Tips to guide you are;

1.Acquire Skill
To start this business, you need to have acquired repair skill to a practical level.

2. Focus
This business is a very competitive one, you need to be focused on what you do and how you do what you do. Develop you own dynamic way of repairing things. Focus on the aspect of repair you want.

3. Business strategy
Your business strategy tells of the way you want to approach your business and how you want to execute your business plans.

4. Plans
Pen down your business plan before and after venturing into the business.

5. Location
Have your own repair store or get a location where your customers can locate you easily. Get location close to parks, schools, companies and so on.

6. Partnership
To boost your business, it’s advisable to partner with other people or company. You can become a company machine repairers.

7. Home service
Rendering home service will so much benefit you and make you get in contact with more people.

8. Entrepreneur
Don’t forget you’re an entrepreneur, always work as one with foresight.

9. Apprenticeship
As a skilled repairer, training others will add to not just your profit, but add more prestige to your business.

10. Employ workers
If needs be, you might need to employ more workers to ease your work; shop service, home service, company service and so on.

Starting a repair store isn’t so demanding, the rule is to know what sector of repair you’re going into. And be good at what you do, be an expert.

Written by: Anne dili

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