Pedicure and manicure salon is strongly associated to the fashion or beauty world.

This involves the proper care of finger nails and toe nails. It deals with beautifying the nails and making them attractive.

Nail polish, feet wash, nail fixing and so on are associated to this salon.

Tips to guide you are;

Knowledge they say is Power. You need to gain knowledge on how this kind of salon runs, either by working in such a salon or by making research.

2. Skill
Acquire the skill of proper pedicure and manicure treatment.

3. Be updated
Always update your skill, know the new style trending.

4. Business name
Develop a business name and logo very memorable for your customers.

5. Salon
To set up this business, you need a salon location which is Paramount. A place where your customers can receive your service comfortably.

6. Creativity
Your creativity highly counts in this business. Create your nail Polish styles, treatment and painting style yourself.

7. Document
Have a way of documenting your created styles for customers easy use.

8. Fund
To set up this business you need limited fund, to purchase necessary equipments.

9. Employ workers
Employ those who have experience in working in a manicure or pedicure salon.

10. Atmosphere
Don’t just treat your customers nails, create an atmosphere by using minor top notch, such as; flowers, music and so on.

This business is very lucrative and competitive, therefore, your creativity is highly needed.

Written by: Anne dili

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