A pet store is a very lucrative enterprise. This has to do with trading of different kinds of pets.

According to the American Pet Products Association, Americans had spent an estimate of $72.13 billion on their pets in 2018. And it had being highly forecasted that pet spending is expected to keep increasing.

Starting a pet store is very thoughtful. Aside the profit involved, pets are seen as a friend and companion to avoid loneliness.

Tips to guide you into this business are;

1.Know your niche
Have a distinct niche and follow your niche. Starting a pet business could be so catchy, it’s advisable to go for pets your admire and love.

2. Business brand
Your business brand is as important as your business. Your business brand is attached to your business name. Go for a memorable business name.

3. Competitors
Having a pet store is quite competitive. But in Nigeria it’s not so competitive. Visit your competitors pet stores to learn more about setting your own store.

4. Be educated
As a pet store owner, you need to have a large knowledge about pet, animals of different kinds, how to relate with them and so on.

5. Location
Get a space to set up as your pet store. A conducive location, neat area, population based, a site you can display your pets are criteria for a location.

6. Treatment
Having a pet store doesn’t stop you from treating your pets. Make your own store an healthy pet store. This will boost your clients patronage.

7. Capital
To start this business, you need to have a bit much to set up your store, get your pets and so on.

8. Online store
Get your business online and have an online pet store. Doing this will give you more buyer from different spheres.

9. Marketing and advertisement
These two are essential for the growth of your business. The best way to market your pet store is to use social medias and make use of flyers.

10. Have a side package
Don’t render a common service, therefore, when trading with your clients offer a free package along side the pet. Also do a month check up on the pets purchased from you as a bonus to your service.

Pet store business is one that keeps getting appreciated. Starting small will build one without having to take a heavy risk. And as a beginner, it’s advisable to be the one who attend to your clients and serve them.

Written by: Anne dili

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