Photography is one of the easiest way to make extra cash. Than you think, photography is more than the money.

Photography is nothing compared to just snapping pictures. After all, everyone can take pictures with their mobiles or micro cameras.

Photography is art. It goes beyond the flashing of light. Photography is as powerful as words can be.

This business is a very competitive one, and you are always needed as a photographer. More than word is needed to flashback to the past and to dream of the future you want, pictures can do better.

To venture into this business, you need to understand that, your creativity must be sharpened.

Tips to successfully guide you are;

Just anyone can venture into this for the money, but most of them do not last long in this world of art. To venture into this business you need to make photography your passion, your hobby and very much, “your like”.

2. Creative mind
To make it in this world of art, your creativity must be very well sharpened and dynamic compared to others. The rule is “don’t copy other people styles, create your own style”.

3. Develop skills
There are ways to take pictures from angles, pose, background and more. There are professional skills of taking pictures. Develop your skills and learn from experienced photographers.

4. Get equipments
To set up yourself as a photographer, you need a bit to start, get the little necessary equipment to start; camera, memory card, umbrella, aperture, air brush and more.

5. Photography studio
Get a location to set up as your studio. This will boost your intake and experience as a photographer.

6. Business oriented
Don’t lose your sense of entrepreneurship. Have a business name and a business goal(s).

8. Offer a special service
Most photographers are known to just take pictures and get paid. Make your service dynamic, and this involve your creative mind.

8. Be focus
When money starts coming in, photographers tend to lose focus. Focus on your goals, and work with the mind of you not offering a service just for the money but to make impact.

9. Define photography
Have a personal definition of what photography is to you. Your definition will spring you to action.

10. Know your niche
Three kinds of photographer exist professionally; studio photographer, which deals with models and personal assignment within studio. Event photographer, this focus on commercial aspect. Lastly, Travel photographer, such capture places, events, people and nature. Follow your niche.

In conclusion, photography will lose it power if the photographer is without his or her touch.

“If the photographer is interested in the people in front of his lens and if he is compassionate, it’s already a lot, the instrument is not the camera but the photographer.”_ Eve Arnold.

Written by: Anne dili

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