Piggery is a big show in term of benefit.

Pig farming is tasking but not unbearable.

It needs small investment on building and equipment.

Pig is known for it’s production of pork meat, which is generally known.

Tips to aid are:

1. Space Consideration
You need a pen for your pigs, if the pen is small the piglet will grow faster but small area cause parasites and destruction of the area.

2. Buy Piglets
While purchasing pigs to breed, go for piglets not matured pigs. There are often 8weeks old.

3. Fencing Pen
Electric netting string doesn’t work for piglet, they often escape when kept there.

4. Feeding
Commercial hog grower make them grow faster, they also contain medicines. However, Pigs love all kinds of production, fresh milk, table scarps, pumpkins etc.

5. Demand and Feeding
Know how much you spend on your feeding, because feeding a pig could be very demanding.

6. Treatment
Pigs also undergo special treatments such as deworming. Administering treatment will avoid illness.

7. Castration
Some feel that it’s wrong to do this, it’s said to be a controversial issue. Some also still castrate pigs.

8. Advertise your farm
Advertise your farm online, social media etc make your farm known to others.

9. Be a Supplier
For easy sales and better transactions, locate restaurants that needs pig suppliers.

10. Have a farm record
This record will help you easily trace your profit and loss. Your good steps and mistakes should be well documented.

One reason why piggery is more profitable is because pig meat is a side dish to some people and pig often is used to refer to ancient times.

Written by: Anne dili

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