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Pure water business in Nigeria as simple as it looks has it’s own guidelines towards being successful at it and tips to help you are:

1. Business Plan
Have a business plan or goals to work with.

2. Register your business
In Nigeria, such registration is done at CAC and NAFDAC

3. Get a suitable location
Find a suitable place for business. Pure water business demands you to be in a neat environment.

4. Dig a Borehole
You need to make a borehole and install tanks for easy access to water and purity.

5. Distillation System
This is needed for water purification and cleanness.

6. Sealing Machine
Buy a sealing machine to seal pure water nylons and to avoid leakages.

7. Packaging material
This are the things that make up the packaging system of the water: nylon, chemicals and nylon sealer.

8. Recruitment
In pure water business, more than one hand is needed. Employ workers needed for the business.

9. Electricity
Pure water business needs electricity. Therefore, it’s advisable to get your own generator or plant.

10. Marketting
Become a wholesaler or supplier to other business, retailers, restaurants and others.

In Nigeria, water business is lucrative and it requires hard work and passion to be a success.

Written by: Dilianne

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