Quail is a particular type of nutritious poultry bird with high profit. They contain necessary nutrients just like other birds but in high ratio.

Quail farm for egg and meat is economically very profitable, you can successfully rear bird in your home.

Quail farming isn’t burdensome nor fund killing. This farm business requires little fund to begin.

Tips to successfully guide you are;

1.Gather information

Quail birds are like other poultry birds but with little different potentials. To set up this farm, you need to gather information about quails, know the temperature best for them, light and humidity of rearing.

2. Start small

As an entrepreneur, it’s best to start your farm business on a small scale, in order to reduce risk on investment for issues like lose. Starting small will help you understand the risk and benefit of the business.

3. Feeding

This is a very important aspect, feed your quails in balance proportion. Making sure they consume the right nutrients per their stage of growth. Adult quails can eat a minimum of 20-30 grams.

4. Breeding

Breeding quails has to do with ratio, it’s best to make sure that the proportion of male and female are equal. This will make your birds be on a balance scale.

5. Housing

Housing quails depends on how you want it, you can house them just like other poultry birds are been housed, using cages(battery cage) or a small house can be used. But when choosing a location to house them, go for locations with the best nature to rear them, a waterlogged area can be disastrous. House your quails in an easy way for eggs sake.

6. Equipments

Purchase equipments for poultry farm such as; feeding trough, incubator (if necessary), egg bowl and so on.

7. Health care

Though one benefit of raising such breed of poultry birds is that they are highly resistant to diseases, yet care is necessary for their safety. Health care is in line with caring for the birds and also for the your farm house.

8. Reason for rearing quails

Quails can be reared for either meat or for eggs, you can rear quails for both reasons but as a beginner aim your arrow at a direction. Quails raised for meat are called “broiler quails” and “layer quails” are those raised for eggs.

9. Market

Marketing is the strength of your business. Marketing will publicise your farm. Get a business card for your farm and market your farm online and offline.

10. Be a supplier

Quails are special birds for meat, you can be a supplier of quail meat to restaurants, canteens or a supplier of quail birds to other poultry farms. Likewise, quail eggs are nutritious eggs and are expensive than eggs of other birds. Supply quail eggs to retailers and you can venture into quail egg business, by packaging you eggs for both retailers and final consumers.

Quails lay eggs almost daily, they can lay about 300 eggs yearly. It’s important to know that quails don’t hatch their eggs, this might prompt you to getting an incubator. Quails are miniature bird in the world and it’s an advantage to start at home as beginners, because it’s the smallest variety of domestic birds.

Written by: Anne dili

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