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Recreational centres offer opportunities for children and adults to exercise and have fun in a safe and healthy environment.

It can be set up at will as a non-profitable organization or as a profitable organization.
Tips to guide you through are;

1.Choose a name
You need to choose a name for your recreational center. It must be easy to spell and pronounce, attractive, and meaningful.

2. Type of service
Choose your type of service and to whom; age range of your target clientele will determine the type of service to render.

3. Location
Select a location for your center. It must be easily accessible to customers, the play ground or building must be spacious enough to house equipments.

4. Acquire funding
You need funding for your project, you can get funds via; loans, donations, fund raising, grants or personal savings.

5. Employ potential hands
Recreational center is not a one-man work, you need to employ extra hands that understand your vision.

6. Set up play ground
Decorate your play ground and make it attractive.

7. Have a business partner
Partnering with a production company such as noodles production company, milk company and more will aid your center.

8. Advertisement
Discuss with schools around, clubs and organizations about your goal for this service. Using flyers, brochure etc.

9. Have active hours
To make your business standard, have active hours, to open and close.

10. Open your center
It’s advisable to open your center by launching a party to attract customers.

The benefit of opening a recreational center is to see how relaxed people could be by using your service and painlessly paying for it.

Written by: Dilianne

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