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Restaurant and Eatery business is profitable but equally a strategic business. This business needs your creative thinking. You need to serve people dishes that will make them always want to patronise you.
Tips for establishing a successful business are;

1. Work in a restaurant
One of the best way to reduce the risk in the business is to gain experience of such by working in a similar eatery you plan to establish.

2. Know your target
Your target market is Vital to you. You need to know this before you venture into such, it will also help define your location.

3. Select service style
Your service style will contain the type of food service to render; fast food or full service meals.

4. Food Concept
Have a defined food concept, choose the time for food service; Morning (breakfast), dinner or brunch.

5. Create a menu
The beauty of an eatery business is the list menu. The type of food you are ready to offer your customers.

6. Business Plan
Develop your achievable business plan.

7. Choose location
A location With a continuous stream of traffic or car parks are good.

8. Get funding
This is to sponsor your business, you can get this via; loans.

9. Hire employees
You need more hands to be in charge of; pay roll, serving, dish washing and more.

10. Be familiar with safety regulation
You will be working with fire and things related to fire in the kitchen. Be acquainted with safety measures.

Restaurant business is money based and money oriented. Eateries fails and are still failing, to avoid this, patiently work in a similar eatery you plan opening.

Written by: Dilianne

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