Rice farming is a remunerative business. Rice is the most popular food in Nigeria, which happen to be the most populous country in Africa

Over the years the consumption of rice keeps increasing especially in Nigeria.

Presently the cost of a bag of local rice in Nigeria is higher than usual. 5.5 million tons of rice are consumed yearly by Nigerians.

Rice farming is a legit way of making huge profit by following the rules of the business and thinking beyond the profit.

Tips to guide you are;

1.Land survey
To start a rice farm, a very important thing is for you to choose a right land suitable for rice farming. Choose lands that are fertile and high in water retention capacity. Swampy area and loamy soil are good for rice farming.

2. Preparation of Land
Prepare your land properly, clearing the bushes and weeds. This can be done between November to February. The preparation of your land matters a lot. Prepare your land during dry season. Study when rain falls in your region (forest or savannah).

3. Timely planting
Plant your rice at the appropriate time for rice planting. The planting time for Forest region differs a bit to Savannah. Middle of March to middle of April is good for rice planting in the forest region. Mid May to mid June is good for savannah area.

4. Planting method
The are different planting method you can use. You can do a direct seedling into the soil or first plant it in the nursery then do a transplanting into the farm. Direct seedling could be stressful due to the high means of controlling weed.

5. Start small
Rice farming isn’t something you dab in and dab out of as you wish. Starting small will help you understand better about the business and to know the risk involved experientially.

6. Employ workers
Rice farming isn’t an easy business to venture in, it requires more hand and time. Employing few workers for a start is a good option.

7. Learn about fertilizers
Diverse kind of fertilizers exist, it good to study methods of applying fertilizers on direct seeding and nursery planting.

8. Control weeds and pests
The first weeding is best done 2-3 weeks of plant springing, using hoe not cutlass and the second weeding, 6-7 weeks. You can use chemicals to control weeds. Birds, rodents, termites, armyworms are mostly the pest you might face, create your own convenient idea to stopping them.

9. Farm publicity
Have a farm business name, create your business memorable logo, Create flyers and choose your marketing strategy.

10. Harvest
Harvesting rice is different from polishing your rice. You can harvest your rice in the next 4months when your rice turn from green to brown.

Rice farming is a very lucrative business and had always been appreciating. Millions of people eat rice all over the globe, rice consist of carbohydrate, which is an energy giving grain. Rice business is a huge business to venture into, not just for profit making, but to increase the productivity of rice all over the globe starting from one’s country.

Written by: Dilianne

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