Sheep farming is related to animal husbandry that involves rearing of domestic sheep for commercial purpose.

Livestock rearing is one of the most traditional businesses of the people of some countries.

It generates lots of income in diverse ways, sheep can be raised for it meat, milk, hide, wool, skin and fur production.

To venture into this business tips below will aid you;

1.Draw your business plan
To start any farm business, it is expected of you to have a business plan. This plan will help you pattern your business successfully.

2. Business Target
Your business target is coupled with your reason for going into the business; for meat, milk, fur, wool production and so on. It will help know your target and potential customers.

3. Site
Calmly choose a suitable site and one that is sizeable for farmland. Start in a small way and expand later. Consider the land grass and the fertility of the land for growing of grass.

4. Select Breeds
Go for healthy breeds such as Dwarf, Yankasa sheep,Balami(Nigeria) and so on. Choose breeds that can easily adapt to your region, not all breeds are suitable in all areas due to weather and climatic condition.

5. Feeding
Give your livestock high quality feed to keep them healthy and very much productive. Draw out an appropriate feed chart and take them to the field for grazing.

6. Multiply breed
Multiplying your breed is wise and profitable. Make the number of Ewe which are adult female sheep higher than rams(male sheep). It will boost birthing of young ones.

7. Farm care
The way you care or manage your farm will determine your profit. Have a good strategy of taking good Care of your farm.

8. Treatment
You need to be very observant about your livestock to avoid spread of disease. Give them vaccines to prevent spread of disease.

9. Publicise your business
To publicise your farm you need to be intentional about it. Publicise your business both online and offline to attract customers in two ways.

10. Housing or shelter
Housing for sheep is very important, apart from the main building or wooden house. For the safety of the sheep, use Barbwires for your fence to prevent them from straying as a result of grazing, avoid water logged area. Use light for their shelter and a proper in flow of air is necessary.

Sheep farming generates lot of income. The meat of sheep is sold in meat shops and is commonly called “mutton”. Lamb and hogget are on different stage. Sheep within age of one are lamb. Meat of juvenile sheep older than a year is called hogget, the meat of the adult sheep is called mutton. Venturing into this business will profit you massively.

Written by: Anne dili

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