Liquid Soap making is a profitable business and it’s such that you can venture into with less capital.

This business is equally a no risk business. Liquid soaps are soft substance popularly used for washing dishes, clothes, toilet, bathing and also used as handwash.

Tips to guide your successful venturing are;

1.Learn skill
Liquid Soap making is a very simple skill to acquire but to be a professional in what you do you need to patiently learn.

2. Fund
To set up this business you need a little capital for materials and items of soap making.

3. Packaging
Your business plan should comprise of things you want to achieve via your business.

4. Know ingredients
There are different ingredients for soap making, the beauty here is to distinctly learn about each ingredients/chemicals.

5. Location
You do not necessarily need a location as a starter. You can start your business in your home and later expand.

6. Packaging
You need containers of different sizes to range your sales and price.

7. Colour and scent
One of the things that attract customers is the scent of your soap and it’s colour.

8. Quality
Avoid making your liquid soap watery, the quality is first then it quantity.

9. Labels
To advertise your business as well, you can make use of stickers to compliment your containers package.

10. Be determined
This business is a very competitive business and your determination to be dynamic in it will boost your business.

Finally, venturing Into this business requires you to put your creativity to work in the areas of scent, colour and packaging.

Written by: Anne dili

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