Spa business is currently in vogue and deeply trending across the globe.

A spa is a place of relaxation and a place to access services such as skin care, manicure and pedicure, massage and so on.

Globally, this business is a means of treating people body, hair etc with the aim of making profit. This is a great way to make profit by rendering a super service.

Spa business is also competitive as it cut across the beauty and medical sector, below are tips to help your successful venturing;

1.Visit your competitors
This business is competitive but lucrative, know your competitors and try their spa service yourself. It will give you ideas on starting your own business.

2. Type of service
There are different types of spa services, decide on the service to render. Spa service includes; pedicure and manicure, massage service, body wraps, facial, hair styling, Vichy shower and so on. The kind of services you intend to venture in will determine your decision on your spa space.

3. Terrain
Your location is your terrain, and when choosing a location, make sure there’s a distance from other spas, but located in a section of a town with people.

4. Get a building
Purchasing a building is a great idea base on your capital. Renting a building for a start is equally good as an option. Building with rooms is what you should go for, due to section purpose.

5. Hire workers
Hiring workers is based on your treatment rooms and operating hours. You need massage therapists, anesthetics, nail technicians and so on.

6. Equipments
Purchasing equipments for your spa service is essential. Equipment for lobby and treatment.

7. Market your spa
Using website, exterior signage, take out ads, flier etc.

8. Grand opening
To also market your spa, try the strategy of doing a grand opening with free spa service or service with discount.

9. Refreshment
To keep your client refresh, have a good interior design, refrigerator, TV, solemn music for the atmosphere etc.

10. Service with package
Refrain from offering a common spa service, to make your spa service dynamic spice it up with packages such as; spa for family, lovers package, couple package and so on.

The beauty of this service is that not just adults have access to this service, kids equally use spa. And to make your service awesome always remember that, making your spa a relaxation point and a second home for your clients will bring you more income and advertise your service well.

Written by: Anne dili

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