Tea is one of the oldest beverage in existence. It’s highly and widely consumed, as it’s second to water.

Tea is nutritional and medicinal for use.

Tea exist in diverse forms. Cold, hot and iced, tea can be made in either of these forms.

To venture into this business, tips to guide you successfully are;

1.Learn how to make tea
Making tea isn’t as difficult as you think, all you need is to know the procedures, master them and practice to perfection. You also need to put your sense of taste and smell to use.

2. Types of tea
They are diverse types of tea, green tea, leaf tea, ginger tea and so on. You need to follow what you love per taste, health boosting and scent appealing.

3. Target market
Know who your target is, for whose usage and whom you’re making your particular product for. Tea for the old, sick, for example; hypertensive and so on do exist.

4. Business plan
Have a business plan and don’t go all the way about money, consider your customers health as part of your plan.

5. Packaging
Tea is a perishable and natural product, therefore, while packaging you need to consider longevity. You can package tea in paper, plastic or bottles.

6. Health before wealth
Note that the health of your customer is so Paramount, after that comes your wealth. Tea is more of a herbal treatment, be dynamic with that.

7. Design and brand
Your brand is strong enough to promote instant sales strategy. Have your personal brand and design for your products.

8. Compare with competitors
Compare your product with competitors and try to analyse your product to theirs, for improvement.

9. Quality
Make sure your quality is appreciable, the quality of your product will market your business.

10. Aroma
The aroma of your tea must be fascinating and attractive in sight and in scent. The scent of a tea speaks of the tea.

In conclusion, tea business is expanding speedily, mainly due to the medicinal and health benefit of it. Traditional tea is pictured as another medium of treatment. Tea goes beyond satisfying once taste, it stretches to building and making the body fit.

Written by: Anne dili

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