Tye and dye business is now one of the fashionable business you would want to venture into. This business is at it peak, so venturing into it is surely a way to make high profit.

Tye and dye deals with the dying of clothes, particularly plain coloured clothes, shoes, socks, bags and so on to an amazing colour and design.

This is a business from the fashion world which demands you to be very creative and hardworking. A tye and dye business personnel is such that have good eyes for clothes, believing that, “no wear/clothe is above transformation”.

Tips to guide you are;

1.Acquire skill
Tye and dye is a very lucrative skill, though the rate of those into this business is alarming, therefore, making it a competitive business to venture into. Yet, to venture you need to successfully acquire the skill.

2. Business plan
Draft out your business plan, the purpose of your business, understand it and follow it.

3. Learn about Fabric
Not all fabrics are good for the dye procedure. Fabrics that are too soft in texture and light tend to damage. Have a deep knowledge about fabrics and fabrics quality.

4. Be creative
One major key to being successful in the fashion world is “Creativity”. Do not pattern your strictly business after others, create your own tye and dye styles or pattern and keep record of them. Create tying styles.

5. Location
The procedures for Tye and dye are careful in nature due to chemical involvement, you need a space as you labor and also a place to display your products for sale.

6. Colour coding
You need to learn about colours, their names and combining them, this will help you a lot.

7. Orders and deliveries
Taking orders will boost your business, same as making deliveries. Deliveries makes your customers trust you better.

8. Fabric sales
Include fabric sales as part of your business, it will be a bonus. Not all your customers gets to bring a fabric to dye. Therefore, doing this will let you recommend your fabric to them.

9. Publicity
Get your business online, create social media accounts for your business. Also make you of fliers and hand bills.

10. Packaging
After all your dying procedure, packaging is essential. Package clothe well in a presentable nylon, you could equally customize your business logo on the clothe.

This business is a very lucrative one and also very competitive, your fashion sense and creativity must always be at work. Customizing your tye and dye is a brilliant way of advertising your business. And venturing into this business requires a bearable amount as capital.

Written by: Anne dili

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