Toy store is a very positive and interesting medium to make money.

Toy stores are stores such that have in stock different kinds of toys for kids, particularly for different age grades.

Starting a toy store is very easy and capital is an essential part of venturing into this.

Tips to aid you are;

1.Develop entrepreneurial skill
To venture into any business, you need skills, not just production skill, though it’s a part of entrepreneurial skill. Yet one needs entrepreneurial skill for a better version of business.

2. Know your niche
Your niche is about the very kinds of toys you want to venture into. Go for those that capture your attention the most.

3. Follow your niche
After knowing your niche, analyse steps you can take to measure up your niche with your skills.

4. Type of toys
Toys varies from each other, plastic toys, combat toys, acrobatic toys, puzzles and so on. Choose the types you want.

5. Geographical location
Have a place or store where you can display your goods. Choosing a store close to parks and main road is a good option.

6. Display your goods
Have a dynamic way of displaying your goods in a way that will make it capture the attention of your customers/kids.

7. Business marketing
As a beginner, you can use this market strategy to get customers; throw a game or toy party for free to launch your business. But be careful of excess spending.

8. Online
Introduce yourself into online business, take orders online and equally do deliveries.

9. Publicise
To publicise this business, you’re expected to have a business name, logo, business cards, make flyers for more recognition.

10. Target Market
There are some toys for adults and others for kids. Decide on who you’re targeting as customers. Kids are known for toys that are fun.

This business is a profitable one and it is very much a fun business. This business is set to put smiles on children faces.

Written by: Anne dili

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