Weave store is generally a business in the line of beauty. Weaves are artificial hair worn or fixed to cover natural hair.

This business is fast growing as the rate of demand for artificial hair or weaves are highly increasing yearly.

A lucrative business it is and venturing into this, be assured you need a bearable amount as capital.

Tips to guide you are;

Before venturing into this, you need to gain knowledge on how the business operates, either by interviewing those into it or by attending classes related to this business.

2. Originality of product
You essentially need to know how to different original weave from fakes. Selling original products will enhance your business.

3. Suppliers
To stock your shop, be very particular about who you want your suppliers to be. Cheap, trusted, and original product suppliers are good to go.

4. Learn about hairs
There are different kinds of hair or weaves. To be successful in this business, you need to learn about weaves and their names as well.

5. Store
You need a business store as a purchasing point and where you can display your products. Conducive, cheap, close to the market, space and accessibility should be considered here.

6. Arrangement
Have a dynamic way of arranging your hair in sectors. Human hair, curls etc should have sectors to avoid difficult for both you and your customers.

7. Be a consultant
Having a weave store gives you an opportunity to be a consultant. Advise your customers on the type of hairs befitting for an occasion and so on.

8. Identity and publicity
Have a store name, a logo isn’t necessary. Make business cards and flyers or banners.

9. Orders
It’s advisable to take orders and be a supplier to others too.

10. Store attendant
You can employ one or two attendant to keep up your business.

This business is in the line of beauty and it is a very competitive world to be, the beauty world demands your creativity and strategy in action. The world of fashion is highly competitive, put your best to work.

Written by: Anne dili

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