Art is known to be very much profitable. It had been in existence for decades and have not lost it potency and value.

It’s a very much lucrative business, aside the monetary aspect, art is connected to one’s heart, love, nature and more.

To venture into this business successfully, tips below will be helpful;

1.Train your self
Peradventure, you do not have a degree in art, work on yourself. The truth is, everyone has an iota of art in them, you only need to work it out. How? By training yourself.

2. Business plan
Your plans are not necessarily needed to be lengthy, have few attainable plans and achieve them. The success of your business is based on your good plans being worked out.

3. Class planning
To start a class you need to have a lay down class session, hours to spend, day or evening class and what exactly to learn per class.

4. Brochure for Art class
Have a brochure for all your lessons so as to keep your students alert for the next class lesson.

5. Have a deep knowledge
You need a deep knowledge about colours, shapes, basic elements drawing, lines and most importantly; Pencils.

6. Location
You need a particular location to start your class or school. Your location must be a place safe, conducive for learning and close to nature.

7. Hire teachers
There different aspects in drawing, you need to hire hands if you have more students you can’t perfectly handle alone.

8. Equipments
Purchase equipments for drawing and painting, chairs and tables, white boards, markers and others.

9. Use good tutoring skill
Study your students well, it will define the kind of tutoring skill to use, for easy understanding.

10. Age group
This is to tell the age group you’re choosing as a target. Define your target, which can either be adults or kids.

Art class for kids is very lucrative and more lucrative for adults. However, the beauty of this business is that it never depreciates. Art is yearly appreciated and respected worldwide. Also to be an art tutor you must be a very creative artist.

Written by: Anne dili

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