Event planning business is a very hectic and rewarding business.

It cuts across you being the planner of events without backlashes.

Every event planner aim for perfection. Perfection, in their definition, is a bright success of a particular event.

Planning events could be stressful and often make the planner overwhelmed.

Successful tips to guide you are;

1.Structure your working time

Planning for an event could be very stressful and time consuming. It’s of a great advantage to plan ahead of a big event 4-5 months ahead and for a small one, a month ahead of the event.

2. Stick to your budget

Have a budget enough to cover all your expenses and be very prudent in spending, do not spend out of budget, this is to avoid loss.

3. Choose a conducive Venue

Choosing venues close to nature is a very beautiful idea, but consider what kind of event it is before you go ahead with choosing a venue. Your venue must be trustworthy, neat and safe.

4. Set achievable goals

To plan for a successful event, you have to set goals you aim your limited arrows to. This goals will help you face your target and not what looks like your target.

5. Have a team

Event planning can not be executed by one man, you need professionals to mount up sectors of events, such as; caterers, florist, security, photographers, master of ceremony and so on.

6. Determine your kind of event

What causes most event planners deep pains and give them trauma is not having their area of specialisation. Event plans vary. So, as event varies, have a particular kind of event you plan for, then make other events a bonus when needed.

7. Gain skills

As an event planner you need to gain skills necessary and needed; creative skills, how to improvise when necessary, study your clients, dialogue skills and more.

8. Imagine events ahead

Having an imaginative picture of an event ahead of the event preparation will enlighten you on your excesses and your shortcomings.

9. Receive feedbacks

Cultivate the habit of receiving feedbacks. This is not to discourage you, it is to help you work more on the uniqueness of the service you render.

10. Have an agenda book

Pen down dates of events and be clear on the kind of event planner you are; a weekly planner, monthly or yearly planner. This agenda book will help avoid you having two events colliding.

Event planning business is immensely profitable and interesting, it connects you to people. Event planning had been in existence for a long time and the secret is, once earth is still occupied by humans there will always be a reason to hold events that planners are needed.

Written by: Anne dili

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