Herbs are medicinal plants used for the curing and preventing of disease or illness.

Herbs have been in existence since time began and till date herbs are highly used by humans worldwide. Though modern drugs or treatment has gained ground yet herbs can never go into extinction due to it importance in the society.

Starting an herb garden is very much profitable and had always been, herbal plants cut across culinary herb and medicinal herb.

Tips to successfully guide you into this business are;

1.Start small
To start an herbal garden, don’t be quick to start large. Starting small is the best option, in order for you to have an overview about the business.

2. Business target
Have a particular target that you are aiming at. Either you want to have a garden full of only medicinal herbs or variety. But have a business focus.

3. Location
To start your garden, you need to have a location, preferably, you can use your house backyard if you have one or you can improvise into the using of containers and soil.

4. Buy necessary plants
Purchase plants that are necessary for you to have in your garden.

5. Get containers
Herbal plants could look so much alike but getting containers to distinguish will be of aid. Label each of your herbal pots/containers or your herbal section.

6. Variety of herbs
Don’t go for just one type of herbal plant, have a variety of plants.

7. Garden name
Give your garden a name that will speak of what you do.

8. Market analysis
Before you venture fully into herbal business, study your market to know the kind of plants needed.

9. Mark plants
Cultivate the habit of marking plants and their seeds. It will help you keep track of plants and seeds you’ve sold.

10. Herbal cutting
Learn how to cut herbal plants for customers and how to package them. Don’t cut them in a way that will kill the plants.

Herbal business is a very lucrative business and it’s a long term business to venture in. This business is appreciated world wide.

Written by: Anne dili

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