Hotel business is a business that had been in existence for time immemorial. This business is a very lucrative and compensating one.

Hotels are known to accommodate people, for relaxation, fun, meetings, events and so on. Hotels are often referred to as “second home”.

Venturing into this business is very interesting and daring, it requires very good planning and creativity in service.

Tips for a successful venturing are;

1.Business plan
You need to have a strategic business plan before you start a business in order to avoid business casualties from the scratch.

2. Understand sectors
There are different sectors in an hotel such as; kitchen, bar, game room and so on. You need to learn about those sectors.

3. Activity list
Have a list full of activities for your customers, especially to engage those staying for a long period.

4. Location
Get a location to start your hotel, a building is needed and go for a building with space and a verandah.

5. Interior and exterior designs
Interior designs are necessary, as these will help the conduciveness of your hotel and make your clients feel at home. To attract more clients, your exterior design must be capturing. You can have a pool, a small garden and so on.

6. Get equipments
To start an hotel business you need to get equipments such as beds, tables, chairs, wardrobe and so on.

7. Hotel identity
Your hotel identity is very necessary. Hotel name, logo and service type are identities of an hotel.

8. Payment
Make your hotel service affordable for clients. Your charges shouldn’t be such that is killing yet such that is standard, if your service is standard.

9. Publicity
Create a business website, where you can take orders and also get feedbacks from customers. Have your business social media accounts and do both online and offline advertisement.

10. Employ workers
Hotel business is never what a single worker can successfully venture in, with the mindset of seeing to all the sectors in an hotel, you to employ more hands.

Hotel business is a competitive business which needs an expansion and upgrade of creativity before you can successfully venture in. To start this business you need a bit money to start. But start small and expand later.

Written by: Anne dili

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