Bead making is a fashion business and it’s profitable. This business had been in existence for hundreds of years and can’t go into extinction due it rare beauty and value.

Hundreds of year driving till date Africans had always been a great fan of bead making and the using of bead. Therefore, this business had been one of their cradle business our Ancient mothers had ventured in.

Bead making in this modern age is still very much acceptable and highly profitable.

Tips for a successful venture are;

Acquire the skill of making beads. Though bead making is simple but to set up as a business major, you need to learn the depth of bead making.

2. Learn about beads
There are different typed of beads. And their quality differs from each other. Learn how to know the quality of each beads.

3. Business plan
Map out a business plan and strategy, containing how you want to go about your business and explore.

4. Business name
Give your business a memorable name.

5. Creativity
As a bead maker associated with the fashion world, you need to be very creative in your making of beads.

6. Styles
To be grand in this business, you need to create your styles and promote them to the public the best way you can.

7. Style brochure
Have a style brochure both soft copy and hard copy, for easy accessibility for your customers.

8. Location
You will need a place for official reasons and for the displaying of you handwork. A location close to a market will be an advantage.

9. Take orders
Taking orders for wedding ceremony, burial, fashion show and so on will advertise you better.

10. Diversify
Bead making cut across, hand beads, necklace, hair bead and it’s like. You can diversify by making hand bags with bead, belts, key holders and so on.

Bead making is a fashionable business, it’s always yielding profit. The more creative you are, the more you get your business grand. You can equally organise training class for interested fellows as a means of getting your business known and earning extra.

Written by: Anne dili

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