Gele business is one of the many exiting beauty business. It is highly appreciated in African countries.

Gele is a traditional head gear used to compliment one’s outfit. It adds to the beauty of the females traditional wears.

Of a true, most females can tie their head gears themselves but not for grande events or occasions.

Below are tips to aid your successful venturing;

1.Know about fabrics
You need to learn about fabrics texture and quality. And the styles a particular kind of gele fabric can be used for.

2. Be skilled
Acquire the skill of tying gele. ‘Gele wiwe’ (tying of gele) is very interesting and also competitive, to be on top in this business, you need to patiently acquire skills.

3. Business name
Have a business name that speak about the kind of service you render. Make it brief and unique.

4. Have a brochure
Develop your own style brochure. This is to keep record of the styles you have for your customers to make their choice.

5. Work out your style
Do not base your business on advertising other people styles, you need to work out or create your own styles.

6. Update your skill
Always update your skill, do not base your business on just a particular pattern. Gele business is trending and different styles are on set now.

7. Get a location
You need a place for business for customers to locate you, and it’s up to you to decide whether to render home services as an addition.

8. Price
Gele business is not a business with fixed price, to place a price for your service, consider your competitors price, style and kind of service.

9. Partner with people
This is actually not compulsory but partnering with people who can be of advantage to your business is a good idea, such as; a studio photographer.

10. Have your model(s)
Make sure you have your own model. Modeling your gele style is a way to advertise your business widely on social media.

Gele business is a very lucrative one and equally so competitive. This business is said to be an occasionally business which is why you need to spice up your service. Making your service dynamic will bring you more customers.

Written by: Anne dili

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