Makeup business is one the most lucrative business worldwide. It is highly competitive and rapidly growing.

Makeup artists are those who venture into making up. This business is second to cosmetic business.

To makeup for a person or model has to do with beautifying your model and creating your own blend of makeup.

It’s very profitable to venture into this business, your creativity and fashion sense will be an advantage.

Tip to aid you successfully are;

1.Be skillful
Acquire the skill, everyone can lamely make up for themselves but to be grand in this, you need to learn from professionals. It cut across treatment of face before making up and more.

2. Know your niche
Follow your niche, there are different make up artist. Some venture basically into bridal and event make up, film make up artist, fashion make up artist and so on.

3. Know your target
Aim towards your target, this can be done after discovering your niche, the aspect of make up that interest you.

4. Communication skill
Have a well mannered and business communication skill. Your communication skill will go along way in making customers patronise you.

5. Make up kits
You will be dealing with people of different complexion, you need to get make up kits for different complexions and equally know how to blend. For example, foundation, brush and more. Importantly, get a make up box, enough to occupy your kits.

6. Know about your kits
Learn about your make up kits and be sure none for them give rashes. Always update your make up box with kits that in one way treat the face even after application.

7. Business name
Have a unique and attractive business name.

8. Business logo
Let your business logo be memorable.

9. Publicity
Make your service known to the public. Make business cards, create active social media accounts and business website.

10. Model
To make your business known you need the service of a model or more. Model your make up, take pictures, and attach your logo to them.

Makeup business is always appreciating, people often want to look stunning for events, shows, occasions and so on. To start up this business, you need a little fund to start. Start small and explore.

Written by: Anne dili

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