Okada business is arguably one of the most lucrative business to start in this economical bad time.

Motorcycle are known as Okada in Nigeria. This business is basically appreciated in most African countries, especially in Nigeria.

This business is said to have started around 1990 in Nigeria and was purely used as an alternative for transportation.

As this grew, it slowly became a huge source of income for thousands.

To venture into this business, tips below will be of help;

Have a deep knowledge on how this business runs, about the safety of the rider and passenger, the procedure to purchase one or more motorcycle and other information as regards the business.

2. Make your decision
Decide on whether you want to ride or want to sign a contract with whoever is ready to ride.

3. Business plans
Your business plan will aid your decision on whether you want to ride your motorcycle yourself or not. This part also questions the aspect of how much you want to invest in the business.

4. Investment
Setting up as an investor, you need to purchase the amount of motorcycles you can perfectly handle. Starting with 4-5 motorcycles is a good idea.

5. Know and follow the rules
Register your motorcycles, and it’s a good idea to also register your business, in order for you to explore more. Know the rules that governs having a transportation business and that governing motorcycle riders.

6. Kit up/safety
It’s important to also purchase rider kits as a rider and for passengers. Their safety is also a take up for you. Purchase safety kits such as; rain coats, helmets, purse and so on.

7. Delivery service
You can consider also going into delivery service. This is best for investors with more than one bike and bike riders.

8. Communication skill
To set up this business, you need to develop a good communication skill between rider and passenger. A good relationship with passengers can help advertise your service.

9. Advertisement
Have a business website and be on social medias, it’s a quick way to advertise your business.

10. Location
As a rider go for the routes you very much know not that which you assume to know.

Okada business is wrongly viewed as a business meant for the poor, the popular motorcycle business is fast growing and helping. Every business has it pain and starting point. Saving each day from your okada business for a week is enough to pay a month salary of some earners, couple with the fact that you can be an investor. This business is for both genders. Believe in your dreams and start small, say YES to hardwork and NO to criminal act and laziness.

Written by: Anne dili

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