10 Tips on how to Start a Snail Farm

Snail farming business is one of the quick profitable business available these days. Snails are a huge part of diet in many parts of Africa, though it’s not affordable all year especially during dry season.
Also, not just Africans have snail as part of their diet, other continents are snail lovers and snails can be prepared as boiled, fried and spiced kebabs in restaurant.

Before venturing into this business, the tips below will guide you:

Choose Specie
You will have to choose the specie of snail you want to breed and you’re allowed to use a single specie. The small helix pomatia and helix lays 100s of eggs and survive in different seasons.
The Large Archatina Archatina lays 200-400 in a batch two to three times in a year, but Archatina Margnata only live on warm climates.

Farmland for Pen
It’s very important that your pen is very spacious. Your pen should be in a free site, the bottom of a hill or under trees are good options of where you need to build your pen. Avoid overcrowding in your pen.

Purchase snails
You can hunt for them in your garden or purchase them online. To be on the safer side, as a starter you should purchase adult snails/fully grown snails.

Feeding snails
Snails are known to be vegetarians and can feed on cabbage, cucumber, mango, lettuce, cassava etc.

5. Mating and laying of eggs
Mating in snail breeding needs quality soil with cool humidity, it’s advisable to fill your pen with smooth soil for the safety of the eggs.

6. Harvesting of Snail
It’s economical not to harvest snails before maturity. Do not also harvest all your matured snails all at once.

7. Trading your snails
The major reason for venturing into a business is to make profit, once your snails attain maturity, you can start trading them, selling them at the rate you want.

8. Target Market
Choosing your target market is expedient, these are who you will market your snails to,  those who needs you to supply them, such as restaurants, eateries even other snail farm that needs your type of breed.

9. Exporting your snails
Once your snail farm is very much successful, you can dive slowly into exporting of snails to other countries, though this requires extra expenses.

10. Advertise your snail farm
It’s a cogent medium to get customers, use flyers, handbills, bill boards and also create a business card.

These tips will greatly aid you and this business is advantageous because it’s a low risk business and requires little to start up. From December to March snails are known to be expensive because of dry season, but your snail farm can be one that provides a solution.

Written by: Anne dili

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