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Are you tired of sitting at home or roaming around with your CV with no job yet? Well, if you are a good Public Speaker, and you are in search of a job, consider today to be your luck day.

By the time you’re done reading this article, you will start receiving alerts from your bank.

There is variety of careers to pursue in public speaking. You could decide to become a spokesperson for several occasions.

This will make you quite popular because spokespersons usually have a large crowd around them with several cameras. You may as well be a press secretary.

If you are more interested in the academic aspect, then this article is the right article you are reading now.

You could become a professor and enjoy the privilege of public speaking on a daily basis.
You may as well be a speech writer or a news anchor with a specialty in sports. You will most definitely need good public speaking skills to carry your audience or spectators along, as the case may be.
Politics is another field that requires good public speaking skills. If you are interested in politics, then go for it.

No need to worry much about finances as long as you will be able to use your public speaking skills to persuade people and get followers.

Religion may be the most interesting priority in your life. If you enjoy preaching the teachings of your faith, it will also be a career path in public speaking.
Dear readers, if you love motivating people and helping them to boost their self-esteem through your oratory skills, then public speaking is your thing. What could be more satisfying than making a good and everlasting impact on someone’s life?

These are enough career opportunities available in public speaking, the options are endless. Don’t stop yourself, there’s more to do and explore.
Best of luck!

Article by Maryam Mufidah Abdulkadir.
Noble Hall Leadership Academy for Girls, Abuja



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