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Mr. Ugwu Ogochukewu Gordian is a comedian, a musician and an actor, having discovered his talent at a young age; he has worked hard to refine it.

With the ability to mimic almost any character, he keeps pushing himself to achieve the best amidst the challenges he faced while growing up. Today, he shares his inspiring story with us on Everyday Greatness.

DA: At what age did you discover your talent?
Eugeelips: I discovered my talent when I was 14 years old.

DA: When you did, what steps did you take?
Eugeelips: When I discovered my talent, I was still in secondary school, and developing my talent then was not my major focus, so I just entertained friends and family members.

DA: What major challenges have you faced and how did overcome them?
Eugeelips: My dad died when I was 12, it was not easy to cope without him. As the youngest in the family we had a bond. He called me ‘uncle’.

I have had plenty challenges with my academics. Getting into the University and studying Chemical Engineering was not really easy for me.

Honestly, I did not overcome on my own. I was hurt, confused, but in midst all that, God had a plan. My mum, brothers and sisters took care of me, as well as friends that got my back too. In fact, it’s a Miracle.

I really did not understand how is all happened, but God took care of us. It was just like watching a plant grow. Over time I have come to realize the importance of humility and obedience, and these are values I still stand by today.

DA: Most of what you do is talent, but I know there’s a lot of hard work behind the scene, for you what are they?
Eugeelips: Location is always the major problem. Finding a place with no or little noise is hard. Even when a place is found, I still have to find a way to keep the camera steady.

Most of the videos I make require timing, especially when I am doing a dialogue with someone. In most or all my videos, I place the camera on a spot or hold it myself, record and deliver.

Anytime I want to record with my mobile phone camera, I put the phone on flight mode to prevent interruptions from calls or messages.

DA: What is your vision and how do you intend to express it through acting, singing or comedy?
Eugeelips: To learn and listen more as well as improve myself for the benefit of others. It’s easy to communicate with people when you speak their language.

In some cases not everyone feels comfortable when you mimic them, but in the act of comedy, a sense of humor is seen, good music can touch the heart and nice acts show characters.

DA: How do you intend to impact the society at large through your talent?
Eugeelips: I did not learn my act, but only trying to polish my inherent ability. People should understand that they have potentials even when they have not discovered it.

From my acts people need to see that where you come from does not matter, but that which you possess.

DA: Who are your mentors and what major lessons have you learnt from them?
Eugeelips: I learn from everyone and everything made by God. So far, I have learnt that I should be selfless and must keep trying to love my neighbor as I love myself.

DA: How can we reach you?
Eugeelips: You can reach me through my social media handles:

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