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Welcome to 2019! We know that to be able to achieve great things this year, we have to set goals! This post is specifically to assist you in setting your goals this year.

American philosopher William James said “the deepest principle of human nature is the desire to be appreciated”.

Every human is driven by this motive, the desire to be important. Hence, the actions and inactions of our endeavors are directed ultimately to the fulfillment of this singular desire.

This same drive has fueled the resilience of men and women in their ascent to the zenith of their respective spheres.
We all are expressive of this yearning which is reflective of our endless pursuit for success.

However, there is a self- dispute to many minds, they don’t seem to find growth irrespective of so much effort invested, they are deprived a clear sense of direction .This is majorly because they have no goals set as a driver to their ambitions. There is no better way to begin the path to success than goal setting.

A goal is a well defined objective backed up by the resolve and consensus to invest effort necessary for its achievement. They are tools for personal management and development, a spring of self motivation as well as a growth measurement analytic.

It’s is especially important at the start of the year to set goals covering the areas of our engagements ranging from business, academics, career , spiritual goals, family and otherwise.

George Doran in his 1981 issue of management review wrote about the famous five letter mnemonic used to guide goal setting termed “SMARTgoals”.

1. Specificity: A goal must be void of ambiguity, and should state exactly what should be done

2. Measurable: this is necessary for performance assessment e.g. rather than say : “I would increase my profit margin” it’s better to say : “ I would increase profit margins by 60%”

3. Attainable: this means that your goals are realistic and action- oriented.

4. Rewarding: our goals must be relevant to us and should yield returns on the long run.

5. A Timeline : each goal should have a time line attached to it. This gives us a sense of urgency and amplifies effort.

A goal gives you a sense of purpose and precision it helps you concentrate time and effort towards a clearly defined agenda.


Wether we are setting short term, long term, lifetime, family, career or work-related, etc. Here’s a simple step by step procedure to goals setting just anyone could use.

1. Spend sometime thinking about exactly what you would like to achieve. Remember, a goal must be well defined

2. Enumerate and write them down carefully. We all must confess there’s just this sense of commitment when we actually write things down.

3. Develop a plan of action. Come up with a list of things to do daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly that bring you closer to your set goal.

4. Get a system of accountability. When you actually tell someone about your goal it gives you the intuition to stick to them.

5. Take a first step. The tiniest of actions is always better than the boldest of intentions said Robin sharma.

Taking that glorious first step sets the tone to press on for that goal.
You might also want to visualize your goals and review them at intervals .

We can ALL achieve our goals if we keep them realistic and if we try. Goal setting is what Tony Robbins calls the secret to a compelling future, now isn’t that what we all want? I bet you sure do!

As you begin to set goals, be sure to keep them SMART, build an accountability system and do a self assessment as you tread the path to scoring those set goals!!!

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