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Cooking Gas business is a very lucrative business with low risk.

In Nigeria, all thanks to the government, the use of fire woods, coal and stoves are going into extinction.

Gas business is a wide spread business, most modern houses use gas for their cooking.

Therefore, the business is ever on it heels in whatever season of the year.

Tips to aid you are;

1.Get a land
To start your cooking gas business, you need to get a location. This will be your business point, a land close to the road is a very good one, though it beholds it’s risk.

2. Have a Structure
You need a building structure to house your equipments and for the convenience of you customers.

3. Have a Business name
Every competitive business needs a name, an attractive, unique and detailed name is a bonus to your business.

4. Purchase Equipment
To start a cooking gas refilling business, you need to purchase equipments such as; gas cylinder, a host, gas cap, scale, fire extinguisher, a regulator etc.

5. Employ workers
On a large scale, you will be needing more hands to work with you, to speed up sales process.

6. Price List
Make your price list a written one, it will avoid time wastage on bargaining for long.

7. Sell gas parts
Boosting your business is Paramount, introduce the selling of gas parts, your customers would be more pleased and it will earn you more.

8. Payment process
Cash is the common payment process, it’s very much better to get a POS for some customers not willing to pay in cash.

9. Marketing
Every business depends on how it’s marketing strategy goes, develop your market strategy and define your target.

10. Have a business record
Record your sales, profit and loss and equally your debt. It will give you a traceable lane to success.

Finally, cooking gas business is ever booming. On a scale of 100 in modern homes, only few do not use cooking gas. The interesting aspect about venturing to this business is, it’s always profiting and the good your service the more you get customers.

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