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Poultry farm business is a high profitable business, be it in small scale or large scale.

As profitable as the business is, many still fail and experience huge loss.

It’s remarkable to note that every business has it’s secrets to success.

Tips to help you are;

1.Picture a small start
It’s advisable to start small as a beginner, to avoid shocking loss enough to make your farm crumble.

2. Choose your poultry focus
Poultry birds could be used for devise purpose; for the production of eggs or meats. And other focus is having an hatchery.

3. Choose your breeds
There are breeds of poultry birds; layers, broilers, pigeon, peacock, quail, duck, goose and turkey. Choose one or more you want to venture in.

4. Farm Location
Your farm should be located in a place easily accessible by your customers and equally favorable for your breeds. Do not go for a swampy area.

5. Make your own feed
This will reduce your spending or expenses on feeds and it will make you rest assured that you’re giving your birds quality feeds. You can also venture into feed sales.

6. Get farm guides
To keep your poultry warm you need light, chicks needs light most for incubation.

7. Have a farm record
Keep record of your sales, profit and loss, feeds and expenses.

8. Offer to do deliveries
Doing a door step delivery is not only profitable but adds to the value of your farm. Good service attracts more customers.

9. Treatment of farm
Birds are easily prone to wide spread of disease. Treat your farm which include your birds to avoid loss and disease of any kind.

10. Employ staffs
When hiring it an advantage to employ experienced workers for greater achievement.

Poultry farming has been in existence for a very long time and it had not just been for commercial purpose. To make your farm unique play the game by it rules and package your business uniquely.

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