10 tips for Everyday Greatness


Ice block production business is very simple and stress free.

It is of its own highly profitable and is a no risk business.
Tips to aid you are;

1. Source of Water
Water is the essential material needed to start this business. It’s the core material needed for the business.

2. Packaging
You need to have a packaging style. You can use plastic bags with logo and brand name.

3. Freezers/Freezing Machines
The capacity of each machine differs. Some can produce 50-100 blocks at once.

4. Electricity
This is very Paramount in Ice block production, without electricity you can’t make any production. Getting your own source of electricity will go a long way.

5. Compressors
These are very important and can affect the quality (hardness) of the block made.

6. Plan your business well
Ice block business is a seasonal business, it’s seasonally dependent. So, you must have a seasonal approach plan that will suffice in and out of season.

7. Target market
Know your target and also be of the note that the more the production, the more the profit.

8. Be a Supplier
You need to find people to supply to, clients who always need ice block without the season being an obstruction.

9. Be careful with your machines
You need to be careful of how to use your machine, take care of your machines.

10. Block trimmer or cutter
This is used to cut your blocks into shapes you want to market.

Ice block business is a no risk business and that’s the beauty about the business. Plus, this business is lucrative in it’s way.

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