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Concrete Block production is, one of it kind, a natural business because it involves the use of natural resources.

Here are some tips to aid you in setting up your cement block firm:

1. Acquire a Land
You need to acquire land enough to occupy your equipment and more space for laying of blocks. Swampy area isn’t a good option.

2. Diesel Lister
You need this to power your concrete block moulding machine.

3. Dig a Borehole
This actually is not necessary if you have a source to get water, the advantage of digging a Borehole is that it increases branches of block.

4. Purchase a Block moulder
This is the particular machine that makes noise in a block industry. It produces the concrete blocks.

5. Construct Wooden Carriers
These carriers will help you to transport your blocks from the very production point to where to sun-dry it and wet in procedures.

6. Employ Workers
It should be noted that concrete block production isn’t a one man work, you need to employ helping hands for a faster production.

7. Set up a shed
This is to protect your production machine from rain and harsh weather. Concrete block machines are not easily moveable, they stay in a semi-permanent spot.

8. Sand Supply
Sand is one of the major material needed for concrete block production. This can be gotten around or can be purchased.

9. Be a supplier
You can be a supplier for a building project.

10. Record Business sales
It’s of a great benefit to have a sales record, it will aid easy tracing of profit and loss as it may be per month.

Concrete block production business is very vital and needed in every country, people build houses, shops, restaurant and more. So, you won’t be at less when you embark on concrete block production.

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