If you use money to pay for everything in life, then you are poor. There are many other currencies that you can use to make purchase anywhere in the world. If you have two, three, or even one of these, you will eventually become rich.

RELATIONSHIP: Relationships are advantageous connections that you can use to pay for thing that money can or cannot buy.  The value of the relationships you have in your life is higher than the amount you have in the bank.

You must decide to intentionally invest in relationships as they show up when you need them most and lack of good relationships will cause you to pay a higher price for things

HONOUR: Honour is the key to access. Whatever you honour in your life, you attract, whatever you dishonour, you remove from your life. Honour simply means identifying, celebrating and rewarding the uniqueness in others, if you want a man to invest his time and resources in you, then you have to sow the seed of honour.

When you honour people, you will draw cheaply from their wells of knowledge. You must not pay for everything, let the seed of honour you have sown, bear a harvest in your life.

INTEGRITY: this is a state of uprightness, steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code. Not bending in the face of something that would profit you at the expense of others or of your values.

When a man’s character is unquestionable, people would commit great things into his hands, there are some things that are very precious, they cannot be bought with money, but integrity would entrust them into your hands.

ANOINTING: Anointing is capital. The anointing upon a man can bring him to unimaginable heights in life. There is so little that human s can do of themselves, but the anointing leads you to greater grace and gives you the ability to do things that ordinary me cannot do.

When you tap into the anointing of God and the grace is released upon you to dispense value, reward is not far from you.

This is one of the greatest keys that can buy you things that money cannot buy.

Which of these four keys would you start developing in your life today?

Message by Apostle Joshua Selman.   

Written by: Dilianne

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