Mr. Rere Obaisi is the CEO of Reohob Limited, a renewable energy and security system company.

He started His Company at age 22, and since then he has grown it into a multimillion Naira company. After two years of initiating his company, he became an authorized dealer for luminous inverter. Currently, he is an authorized dealer for over 16 prominent brands. He has received notable awards and graced the cover of business day newspaper among a host of other achievements. He is also working on producing his own brand of inverter batteries, taking his business global and exploring other horizons.

It is never too late, and you are never too young to start your company. Definitely, with diligence and hard work, beyond the sky is your starting point.

DA: At what point did you decide to start up Reohob? And what inspired you?
Mr. Obaisi: In 2011, I was working in the banking industry and I knew I had so much more to offer the world than just sitting in the bank and not making the necessary impact, so I decided to quit. I didn’t start business immediately, because as at when I pulled out of the banking industry, I had nothing doing, so for 3 months I was searching for ideas. One day, I stumbled upon Renewable Energy and that’s how it began.

DA: How did you raise funds to start up your company and how much did you raise?
Mr. Obaisi: Funding? Well, I started small. Little by little. Everybody is seeing Reohob as a big company today, we just got the attention of the world this year, but we have been in existence since 2012. So basically funding was majorly personal and family and what we could afford, we never took a bank loan or anything then. Reohob started from my house, a table in my room to be precise.

DA: What are the major factors that have been responsible for your massive success so far?
Mr. Obaisi: My core values have been responsible for the success and of course Gods grace. I’m resilient, diligent and laser focused with my business. And nothing beats hard work. When consistency is mixed with hard-work, the result would be explosive. Then I must say, choosing the right team. Your team members would determine if you would go far or not.

DA: What is your advice to anyone planning to go into the industry but have little funds?
Mr. Obaisi: Start with what you have, start where you are. It is not good to even start big, the process is the learning. And every entrepreneur needs to go through that process one way or the other. If your idea is truly fantastic you would find a way.

DA: Seeing where you are today, what would you advise your ’20 years old’ self?
Mr. Obaisi: 20 years old self? Well, I have no regrets, I’m a young man. I made this decision at age 20 and 21, and registered Reohob in March, 2012. I became a CEO at 22. I’m still a young man. So I would have told my younger self: Well-done. You did right!

DA: You can reach Mr. Obaisi on instagram: @rere.obaisi

DAs Take: To become great like Mr. Obaisi, you have to take some actions that he takes daily;

He is a Man that believes in God and takes His spiritual life seriously; therefore, you should look beyond the physical and also invest in your spiritual growth.

He is a voracious reader; some of his favorite books include: The influential Leader by John Edmund Haggi, Business Secret of the Trappist monk by August Turak, The magic of thinking big by David Schwartz, The one thing by Gary Keller among a host of others.

He is always abreast of news, information and current affairs. Remember, what you don’t know is what keeps you on the level you are presently.

Written by: Anne dili

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