When you have no excuse, success is inevitable. Miss Okoli Vivian Ijeoma is the CEO of VOI couture.

she shows us how challenges never served as a stumbling block for her, but she used her them as a stepping stone into limitless greatness in the fashion world.

DA: What inspired you to go into fashion?
VOI: I got inspired by other fashion designers. Watching them make beautiful attires with African fabrics and the rest really attracted me and motivated me to learn the skill.

DA: At what point in your life did you discover you had talent in fashion designing?
VOI: Right from when I was a child, I was always interested in mending my clothing by myself instead of giving it to my mum to mend for me. But the main discovery started when I started sketching my designs for tailors to make my dresses. People would see those dresses on me and really admire the designs so I decided to learn how to sew.

DA: How did you start?
VOI: I started sowing after my 4months training in a local fashion shop. I was taught well by my teacher and was able to learn a lot within a short period of time because I had a lot of interest and put my heart to it. Afterwards I got a sewing machine and started sewing on a small scale.

DA: What challenges did you face?
VOI: One of the major challenge I faced and I am still facing presently is meeting up with demands, because I am a small scale fashion designer, I get to do all the work by myself, coupled with the fact that I am currently observing my National Youth service corps duties, I have to carry out other activities apart from my sewing like going to my place of primary assignment five times a week. But I guess it would soon be over because I would be rounding up by April, by then I would be able to fully concentrate on my fashion and employ more hands.

DA: How did you overcome them?
VOI: Presently I overcome my challenge of orders by taking fewer orders in order not to disappoint anyone.

DA: What is the first step you’ll advise someone going into fashion designing to take?
VOI: Anyone going into fashion should make sure there is perfection in your work, always be ready to face demands and meet up. Also have interest in the work, fashion designing can be stressful but if you have the interest and you know your work well. You are sure to excel.

DA: What is your greatest achievement so far?
VOI: Wow my greatest achievement so far is basically seeing people wear VOI. It gives me great joy and fulfillment.

DA: Who is your fashion muse?
VOI: My fashion Muse is actually my fashion designer as a child, Phebiancouture, she really inspired me and encouraged me into starting my fashion line.

DA: What is your advice to women?
VOI: Women all around the world should learn not to be a liability but an asset to their homes, they should add value to their homes, therefore having a skill is important, in the world of today most especially in Nigeria where white collar jobs aren’t easy to get, having a skill could make you independent and comfortable only if you are good at what you do.

DA: How can we reach you?
VOI: Whatsapp: 07085307915
E-mail: okolivivian96@gmail.comm

Written by: Anne dili

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